Laptop Repair Service Toronto & Area

Many computer users are turning to mobile options such as laptops or tablets because of the convenience they offer. We all understand that just because the trends are moving toward smaller computers like laptops it is no indication that they are any less valuable than other desktop options. At Infotech Computers we have experienced technicians who take laptop repair very seriously and have the experience and expertise to evaluate, diagnose and repair laptops whether they are running slowly, or not running at all. In many cases, our technicians can repair or upgrade a laptop and save consumers the expense of purchasing a new computer. Here are some of the most common laptop repairs that Infotech Computer technicians perform for customers.

  • Virus Detection and Removal
  • Motherboard Repair or Replacement
  • LCD Repair
  • Power AC Jack Repairs
  • Keyboard Repair
  • Repair from Water Damage
  • Data Recovery and Backup

There are a wide variety of laptops to choose from and technicians at Infotech Computers can repair all the major brands including Mac. Computer technicians will help improve the laptop?s overall performance by making repairs while also minimizing downtime. The professionals at Infotech Computers are adept at many standard repairs. For example:

Keyboard Repair and Maintenance:?It can be debilitating when a laptop keyboard is missing a key or buttons continue to pop off. Repairing or replacing a laptop keyboard can extend the life of the machine as well as increase its usability. Most modern laptops also have a touchpad which is used for navigation. When the touchpad freezes up or skips while you are trying to navigate the internet or complete a project it can be very frustrating. Our skilled technicians can repair or replace a touchpad so that the cursor is no longer difficult to control.

DC Jack Repairs:?In many cases, the DC jack on a laptop can become loose with typical wear and tear. This is because there is not enough reinforcement to keep it properly in place. Technicians can repair the jack so that you can be more productive.

Backlight/LCD Replacement:?Laptops were created to be used on the go. This can put them in jeopardy and make it more likely that the computer becomes damaged. Our? technicians are experienced at replacing cracked screens. What if the screen is not cracked but it keeps flickering? Sometimes a laptop will boot up but then slowly fade to black. Technicians have the expertise to fix these types of problems. Professionals will be able to obtain a proper diagnosis and provide real solutions and will be able to tell what is causing the issues and make necessary repairs.