We sell new and reconditioned computers and laptops at great low prices. We also thoroughly check our used computers and laptops before shipping them to you. Buying a used computer or laptop is an affordable solution and a safe bet when purchasing from us.

We have low shipping rates and quick delivery to Barrie!


We have a great selection of used and reconditioned computers that provide low-cost options for desktop computing. Our prices plus quality represent the best possible value.
Our used computer advantages include:

  • 1. A low price, which is the main factor that people consider in purchasing a used computer versus a new computer.
  • 2. You won’t pay for things that you do not need. New computers have faster processors, more RAM and better graphics capabilities however three quarters of consumers do not need these features so they are overkill for what most people need.
  • 3. Used computers are also good for the environment by reducing electronic waste.
  • 4. We thoroughly check each computer before shipping to you.
  • 5. We provide a 30-day warranty for exchange or upgrade.

Computers are a lot like cars in the sense that they depreciate quickly. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot it loses lots of its value, which is why a lot of people buy used cars. Buying a used computer will provide you with great functionality and at a fraction of the cost of a new computer? New computers can break or fail sooner than you would expect leaving you with a large hole in your wallet.


New computers offer some benefits that use computers do not. For instance, they have warranties as well as the latest technology if you need the very latest features and power. Another advantage of buying a new computer is that the software and operating systems are the very latest.


We carry computer components that can maximize your computer?s performance. We also carry a wide variety of computer parts and accessories that will complement your computer or laptop and keep it running smoothly.

Video cards.
We carry a wide selection of video cards. A new video card can help your computer to operate faster with games, videos and graphic displays.

Call us anytime for advice on the video cards that will work best with your computer.

Sometimes, computers can run hotter than they should, especially if they are handling intensive tasks or software or the fans are not performing properly. We carry a variety of AMD and Intel heat sinks and fans to keep your computer running cool and optimally.

Call us anytime for advice on cooling products that will work best with your computer.

Hard Drives
Hard drives are storage devices which contain your system’s software and items such as files, images, videos and documents. Everything you need to access within your computer is stored on a hard drive.

Sometimes hard drives can get a little slow if you have too much information within them because your computer has little wiggle room to operate. Getting a hard drive with more capacity can resolve this issue.

Hard drives can also be added to your computer so that you have two drives to hold all your information. External hard drives can also be added that make your information portable to use in other computers. External hard drives are a snap to setup whereas internal hard drives require the opening of your computer.

Call us anytime for advice on which hard drives will work best with your computer.

RAM (memory)
RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. RAM is your computer’s main memory which is used by the computer’s software to carry out it’s tasks. The greater the RAM the faster your computer will operate.

Call us anytime for advice on which hard drives will work best with your computer.